There is only one product on, our one-of-a-kind video message player.

In sales, sometimes it doesn't matter how good a product or service is; if you can't get it in front of potential clients you will never sell anything. This is why the Video Cold Call player was created. It is a one-time use video message player, similar in design to popular mp4 players, that can be mailed to big ticket clients resulting in big sales for you.

All you have to do is place your order, create your video message and upload it to the player, then mail your players to the clients you haven't been able to reach with traditional sales and marketing tactics.

Here is a short demonstration of how the players work:


Jim's Testimonial

Jim Muehlhausen, Founder of Business Model Institute

Jim Muehlhausen
Founder and CEO,
Business Model Institute
Author of the book,
51 Fatal Business Errors