Is it effective?

  • Our data suggests that over 96% of the players mailed reach the desk of the prospect and that over 83% of the prospects play the message. True effectiveness will be more contingent upon the quality of your product and message. However, the player will give your message an opportunity to be heard.

How long can my video be?

  • The VCC player will hold a video up to 4 hours in length.

Is it hard to load the videos on the player?

  • No, the player works just like a flash drive. Simply drag and drop files.

Is it an iPod?

  • No, iPod is a proprietary product of Apple Computer. The Video Cold Call player is an iPod-style video player designed specifically to deliver a single message to your prospect.

Do you want the prospect to keep the item as a premium?

  • They can, but that is not the intent. The player automatically plays a single video message. It is not designed as an ad specialty. The player is designed as a clever methodology to get your prospect to listen to your message.

Why not just mail a CD?

  • That would be cheaper and easier if it would work. However, it wonít. Mailing a flat, boring CD or DVD will get thrown out by the gatekeeper as junk mail. However, a gatekeeper wonít throw out an mp4 player. Also, how likely is it for the prospect to take the effort to open the CD tray and actually play the CD?

Seems too expensive per reach?

  • It might be. The product is designed for high-impact prospects for big ticket items. The value of the virtual meeting with the prospect needs to be high value to justify the cost of the player. However, how much time, energy, and money are you now spending UNSUCESSFULLY trying to reach your prospect? It is the cost per successful reach that matters, not the cost per attempted reach.

Does it work for all types of prospects?

  • Yes, as long as you can create a brief (2 minutes or less) message that will grab your prospectís attention and the cost per prospect makes business sense.

How is the Video Cold Call player different from other devices?

  • The Video Cold Call player is the only device of its kind. It holds one video and automatically plays from a loudspeaker immediately after the prospect turns it on. You could buy an mp4 player and place a video on it. However, your prospects would have to use earphones and navigate menus simply to watch the video. Letís face it, most prospects won't bother if it is cumbersome. The beauty of the Video Cold Call player is its ease of use. Your prospect simply turns it on, and you are immediately making your pitch.


Jim's Testimonial

Jim Muehlhausen, Founder of Business Model Institute

Jim Muehlhausen
Founder and CEO,
Business Model Institute
Author of the book,
51 Fatal Business Errors